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Gamethon World Cup Leaderboard Contest

World Cup Leaderboard Gamethon. Leadeboard starts on 5th Oct 2022 and ends on 30th Nov midnight of 2022.

  • Leaderboard valid for all Non other league matches and leagues also during the till 30th Nov 2022
  • Leaderboard valid for contest with entry fee Rs. 8/- and above.
  • Leaderboard will run for 15 days. Please check the schedule of the leaderboard contest. So there will be 4 leaderboarsd during Oct-Nov periods with each leaderboard distributing rs. 51000/- to total 50 winners.
    • First leaderboard 5th Oct to 19th Oct
    • Second leaderboard 20th Oct to 3rd Nov
    • Last leadetboard for world cup 4th Nov to 30th Nov
  • The Leaderboard amount will be distributed every 15 days among the winners.
  • If there is a tie for a rank, rank clash will be used
  • Points will be updated the next day
  • This leaderboard is only for cricket matches
  • Keep checking your rank and keep playing to better your rank
  • Winning
    • Rank 1 --- Rs. 10000/-
    • Rank 2 --- Rs. 5000/-
    • Rank 3 to 10 --- Rs. 2000/-
    • Rank 11 to 20 --- Rs. 1000/-
    • Rank 21 to 50 --- Rs. 335/-

World Cup Leaderboard Points Calculation

Gamethon World cup leaderboard points system

  • Points for Joining Contest
    • 100% of your entry fee paid is accounted as points
    • Join as many contests as possible
    • Join high entry fee contest
  • Match Join Points
    • Every match you join gives you 10 points
    • Play most matches of the day to collect points
  • Cash Deposit
    • 100% of the cash deposited by you is accounted as points
  • Your team points
    • This system gives points based on percentile basis.
    • Eevery match your percentile is calculated
    • 50% of that percentile value is converted to points.
    • Calculating percentile.
      • If your rank 1 then your percentile is 100%
      • if you have lower rank then, percentile = (your team points)/(team points of first ranked team of that contest)
      • Create a good team for a better percentile. USe Naya11 X-Factor to choose best players.
      • Also follow a team provider in the app and clone his team
  • Referral Points
    • Every user you refer gives you 100 points
    • Keep sharing your refer code to generate points

Tips to win

Easy habbits to rank higher on leaderboard

  • Play every match : Leaderboard is for all leagues.
  • Join with Maximum teams
  • Use X-Factor to create team
  • Play matches with higher entry fees to get more match join points
  • Share your refer code to get refer points


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