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Play Fantasy Premier League on Naya11 and Win Crores




What is Naya11 :

Naya11 is a fantasy cricket app to win real money. It is a promising sports fantasy platform right now in the market. It allows users to play fantasy cricket. People can earn real cash from their knowledge of cricket. A user can create a team of 11 players when he is playing fantasy cricket on the basis of his knowledge. In this article, we "Fantasy Premier League" will provide you guidance about how you can play and earn money from Naya11.

How to play in Naya11 :

To play fantasy premier league in Naya11 first of all you need to register in the Naya11 App. Most of the people in India like to play fantasy cricket. After choosing the game you need to form a team of 11 players according to the knowledge of the game. We would recommend doing some research before creating any team because it's necessary to have the information of the players you are going to choose to create a team. Once you have selected your 11 players, you will have to assign a captain and vice-captain for your team. The captain will give you 2x points scored by them in the actual match. The vice-captain will give you 1.5x points scored by them in the actual match.

How to Choose C&VC in Naya11 :

Choosing C&VC in Naya11 is the important thing because on the basis of C&VC you can win or lose a game. The first thing you can do to choose the captain and vice-captain of your team is that you can use the percentage selector and the other thing you can do is research about the player like focusing on his current form and studying the performance of a player in a tournament. These things will help you to choose a good captain and vice-captain of your team.

Joining Contests in Naya11 :

The next thing you need to do is to select a contest in which you want to invest your money. You are going to see many contests like the mega contest, head 2 head, 2-3 members, etc. You have to pay some entry fees if you want to join a contest to win money. We would recommend you to play with a strategy like you can play selected matches in which you think that you can win. Joining mega contests, also is recommended as mega contests at are having dynamic prizing pool, meaning the prize pool increases with increase in player participating in the contest. Thus joining multiple contests like 1 head to head, mini contest and a mega contest is a great idea because you are maximizing your chances of winning.

About the company

Naya11 is an app maintained by Gamethon Private Limited, a company established in 2020. The company is into offering skill based online gaming app which has many money earning games including fanatsy games. Most of the games are converted into online multiplayer games where player can play and win big cash. Gamethon has games like ludo, uno online, 8 ball pool, cricket online, solitaire online, Chess, Darts, Knifehit, Carrom and many more interesting games.

Gamethon Private Limited company has partnered with Patym and Razorpay for payment processing, thus making the whole experience safe and secure.

Standout feature of Gamethon Private Limited apps is that the winning amount is credited instantly to the bank account by way of NEFT. Thus a source of quick cash when needed. All you have to do is just play online games and win.