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Instant Cash Redeem | Direct credit Winnings to Bank Account | Safe and Secure

Withdraw Winnings from Gamethon App Directly to Bank Account

Step 1. Make Sure your profile KYC is updated:
  • Upload you PAN Card and Adhaar Card from My profile.

  • Admin Approves the KYC

  • Once Admin Approves your KYC, you can withdraw any winning amount

  • We keep receiving many requests, although we try to complete the verification at the earliest, however the TAT depends upon the total requests received.

  • Incase you are a winner, wanting to withdraw the amount for the first time, you can upadte the KYC and send us a mail at

  • You are requested to update the correct PAN card and Aadhar card for your registered user name.

  • The Minimum Withdraw amount is Rs. 200/-

Step 2. Click on redeem:

Once you Click on Redeem you can enter an amount.

You will be asked to enter you Bank Details.

All Transfers are bank to bank transfers processed through NEFT Instantly.

Step 3. Amount Credited within hrs:

The redeem request is processed instantly through our payment gateway partners by wany to NEFT as bank to bank transfers and the amount gets credited to you bank account.

Fastest way to earn and redeem money only at Gamethon:

Use Gamethon as the source of earning money when it is most needed instantly.

TDS Deduction on Net Winning Amount:

As per New Indian government guidelines, effective from 1st April 2023 a TDS of 31.2% (30% + 1.2% Cess) is attracted on the Net winnings.

How Net Winnings is calculated:

Net winnings is calculated as



AMOUNT OF INCOME FOR TDS = 132400 –(4717 + 14500+ 132400) = -19217 . So here TDS will not be deducted

Now assume that you won 50000/- in leaderboard. and you are withdrawing all 50000/-, then

AMOUNT OF INCOME FOR TDS = 182400-(4717+14500+132400) = 30783 . So here TDS to be deducted will be 30783 * 31.2% = 9604

Net withdrawal amount credited to bank will be = 50000 - 9604 = 40396


At the end of the financial year,what ever the winning balance is remaining that will be considered for TDS as per above formula and the winning balance will be adjusted accordingly

Will I get the TDS certificate for the TDS deducted

Yes, you will get the TDS certificate. please connect with us on chat through the app for the TDS certificate

Can you get the refund of the TDS deducetd :

No, as per the government guidelines, the TDS deducted cannot be claimed for refund

Withdraw Cash and Payment Terms: Contest/Contests played on Gamethon are a skill based competition offered by Gamethon on mobile Platform in which Users compete either in a tournament or 1 on 1 or multiple players by playing on the Platform. Paid Contests require the Users to pay an Entry Fee for participation.

Deposit is the amount added by the User to his/her Account through his/her preferred payment mode (e-wallet, debit/credit cards, UPI/BHIM, Airtel Money, Ola money, net banking) which is processed via our Payment Gateway Partners. The Deposit conversion ratio can only be in INR(INDIAN RUPPEE) .The payment of pre-designated amount Users make to participate in the Contest(s) is inclusive of the pre-designated platform fee for access to the Naya11 Services charged by Naya11 and pre-determined participant’s contribution towards prize money pool.

Entry-Fee refers to the fee which Users pay in the form of cash Balance available in their Account to participate in a Contest on the Platform. Person shall mean any natural person, limited or unlimited liability company, corporation, partnership (whether limited or unlimited), proprietorship, Hindu undivided family, trust, union, association, government or any agency or political subdivision thereof or any other entity that may be treated as a person under the Applicable Law.

The User may participate in a Contest wherein the User has to contribute a pre-specified contribution towards the Prize Money Pool of such Contest, which will be passed on to the Winner(s) of the Contest after the completion of the Contest as per the terms and conditions of such Contest. It is clarified that Naya11 has no right or interest in this Prize Money Pool, and only acts as an intermediary engaged in collecting and distributing the Prize Money Pool in accordance with the Contest terms and conditions. The amount to be paid-in by the User towards the Prize Money Pool would also be debited from the User’s account balance maintained with the Trustee.

Each time a User participates in any contest on Naya11 platform, the pre-designated amount shall be debited in the User’s account. In debiting amounts from the User’s accounts towards the pre-designated amount of such user shall be debited from the User’s Unutilized Account and thereafter, any remaining amount of participation fee shall be debited from the User’s Winning Account. Winnings are awards (in the form of cash) given to a User for winning or/and performing well in a particular Contest on the Platform.